»7th Beat Diabetes Walkathon kick off today
»Sundarbazar mohatsav 2071
»Nepal creates the history by entering the second FIFA World Cup qualifier 2014
»New year 2068
»India won cricket World Cup after 28yrs
»Holi - The festival of Colours
» Bryan Adams mania

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7th Beat Diabetes Walkathon kick off today

7th Beat Diabetes walkathon kick off today at Zabeel Park, Dubai with the huge turnout. The event is organized by Landmark Group, the region's leading retail and hospitality conglomerate. The initiative aims to take on a broader mandate apart from raising awareness on the condition. As part of Landmark Group's pledge to driving diabetes research in the UAE, the walkathon was charged a nominal participation fee of AED20 per head and all collection from registration will proceed to  Al Jalila Foundation to raise funds to support diabetes research and healthcare in the UAE.


Sundarbazar mohatsav 2071

It was started on 1st Falgun 2071 till 10 Falgun 2071 to promote local market and preserve arts, culture and tradition along with commercial perspective.

The festival organisers believe it to be one of the splendor of Lamjung district and estimates the participations from all communities to make this event a grand success.


Nepal creates the history by entering the second FIFA World Cup qualifier 2014

2 July 2011: It was an exciting day for me as I was tuning online radios and browsing our national dailies to see our players performance against East Timor from my office. I felt great and proud to see Anil Gurung scoring a goal in 3rd Minute in penalty in myrepublica.com in headlines. But was quite restless till the end of the first half as they couldn't score any goals. But when I tuned the Radio Kantipur on the second half I heard our player has already scored 2nd and 3rd goal on 55th and 59th minute by Bhola silwal and Jumanu Rai. ...Read-More

New year 2068

Happy New year 2068 to all the Nepalese around the Globe,
It's almost that time of the year when we say goodbye to Nepali Year BS 2067 and welcome Nepali New Year BS 2068. It is known as "Navavarsha" in Nepal.
Nepal has its official calendar that begins from the first day of the first month Baisakh. This very first day is observed as Nepali New Year which usually falls in the second week of April. People go for picnics, have get-togethers and celebrate the day socializing in various ways as this day is also a national holiday. ...Read-More

India won cricket World Cup after 28yrs

India have won cricket's World Cup after 28 years with a victory over Sri Lanka by six wicket at Wankhede Stadium on Saturday. India sparked wild celebrations among their billion supporters after winning the world Cup for the second time. After Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara won the toss and opted to bat first, Mahela Jayawardene smashed 103 not out off just 88 balls and featured in half-century stands with Sangakkara (48), Thilan Samaraweera (21) and Nuwan Kulasekara (32) to take Sri Lanka to 274-6.

Yuvraj Singh (2-49) was once again the pick of Indian bowlers, while Zaheer Khan grabbed a couple of wickets. ...Read-More

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